Friday, September 30, 2011

Luminaria Saves The Portland Sustainability & Green Living Group

Luminaria Sanctuary stepped forward this September 2011 to save The Portland Sustainability & Green Living Group. The 450+ member group went without an organizer this summer and was 6 days away from disappearing. It is now assured to go on creating a community of sustainability.
The Portland Sustainability & Green Living Group

If you are in the Portland, OR area, please help us to support the sustainable revolution! Join us at:

We're also seeking businesses to offer perks and sponsorships to help us spread the word and co-create abundance!

This group is open to all those interested in voluntary sustainability/frugal living, sustainable development, green building, alternative and renewable energy sources, waste reduction and recycling, carbon-friendly commuting, composting, air and water pollution issues, organic living, office efficiency, and reducing toxins from your home (such as greener cleaners).

The intent of the group is to provide a grassroots approach to living green. We’re here to act as a catalyst giving you the tools you need to live simpler and more sustainable. Whether you’re new and not sure what steps you want to take, or a seasoned pro, anyone and everyone is welcome to join. This is a forum to meet other like-minded individuals in the Northwest. You’ll have the opportunity to attend informative lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations, book discussions, documentaries, explore some of the area’s local and organic cuisine, and participate in environmental community service activities.

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