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11.11.11 ~ 11.13.11 ~ Cosmic Rebirth Intensive @ Luminaria Sanctuary

11.11.11 ~ 11.13.11 ~ Cosmic Rebirth Intensive @ Luminaria Sanctuary

Cosmic Rebirth Intensive

Tap into your Multi-dimensional Awareness
Embody  yourself fully in the NOW moment and Thrive in the New Earth!

Friday 11.11.11, 5:30pm ~ Sunday 11.13.11, 4pm

Held at the Luminaria Sanctuary,
A Private Sanctuary 45 minutes east of Portland, Oregon on a Private Mountainside surrounded by National Forest overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.

Remember the Art of Sacred Living

Blessings Beautiful Souls!!! This weekend is absolutely bursting with magnificent juiciness and opportunities to expand, grow together and share our essence and our soul’s true nature and purpose with each other and ourselves!!!

We are incredibly excited to welcome you into the nature of Ascension in this ever-expanding shift of consciousness that we are experiencing together!!! YAY!!!

Tune in deeply about your personal participation and feel into the resonance of this gathering and how you can offer your essence in this magnificent opportunity of unified oneness, healing and activation of our Divine Essence here on Gaia.  As you are ready to activate on a deeper level, this will most likely resonate deeply with you.  There is an Intensive Flow throughout this event, and so we request that you prepare mentally & emotionally  for this, as we all hold ourselves personally responsible for our own experience as sovereign beings. This is a self-sustaining event where personal sovereignty is at it’s highest expression, as we work collectively for the highest benefit of all beings everywhere.  As we do this, we respect an alcohol and drug free & smoke free (in)vironment throughout the event.  Alcohol and Drugs are not permitted on this property.
We are being given the opportunity on these Sacred Calendar days, the 11th through the 13th of November, to tune in with each other and create an enlightening and powerful experience of coming into deep resonance with ourselves and each other and setting the intention of the New Earth, as well as harnessing our energies in a collective manner to create Divine Substance flowing through our human conduits in grace and light!!!  YAY!!!!
Personal event participation is voluntary and is not required for each activity.  It is in your highest awareness where personal participation will be revealed.  This is an event to explore deeper the inner aspects of your consciousness and awareness and We invite you to fully create this experience with us.

Below you will find the Loose Integrative Flow of the Weekend and the details for each featured Retreat Facilitator!!! Deep Gratitude to all the beautiful beings involved in coalescing our energies to bring this beautiful weekend experience into existence!!!!


5:00pm ~ 6:30pm           Set up Personal Sacred Space (Camping or Sanctuary)
(Drive in to drop off personal items, park on Berge Road, then walk back to the Sanctuary)
7pm ~ 10pm                     Meet & Tune In with the Collective & Sacred Fyre Ceremony ~
Gathering around the Sacred Fyre and tuning in with each other and clearing all constructs that do not serve the highest aspects of our collective and personal experience, i.e. shadow, negative thought forms, etc.  We will participate in Releasing Attachments, Facing our Fears and Facing Death within this ceremony.  We will give our offerings to the Sacred Fyre and to Gaia and clear our personal and collective space together as One.


8am ~ 9:30am                Breakfast & Personal Movement  and/or Meditation & Stillness
10am ~ 12pm                  Creating the Sacred Circle (Medicine Wheel)
12pm ~ 1pm                    Lunch
1pm ~ 3pm                      Soul Integration Playshop ~
Archangelic Initiation
Draw your Spirit Self
Receive your Sacred Name/Soul Tone
4pm ~ 6pm                    Cosmic Fire Initiation Ceremony
6pm ~ 7:30pm              Dinner
7:30pm ~ 10pm            Ascension & New Earth Activation Ceremony (wear white)


8am ~ 10am                  Breakfast & Movement, Morning Meditation & Stillness
10am ~ 12pm                Navigational Tools for Ascension
1pm ~ 2pm                    Personal Integration (walk in nature, journaling, etc.)
2:30pm ~ 4pm             Pack Up Tents & Personal Space, Clean-Up of Sanctuary and Land

4pm ~ 7:30pm             Bonneville Hot Springs Field Trip & Closing Circle

Cosmic Rebirth Intensive Facilitators ~

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael, DVM

When Saralise was a young child, at the age of 4 years old, she was visited by Higher Celestial Councils of Light and given visions and messages about the Magnificent World to Come.  Saralise has owned & operated several Highly Successful Companies: The Spirit of Zen, Inc., a Professional Organization, Feng Shui, Vastu and Interior Design Company; Krystal Mermaid Jewelry Collection; Urban Garden, a Loft Gallery in downtown Los Angeles; Nitting Frenzi, a high-end Speciality Knitwear Design Company & The Zen Den, a Healing Center located in West Hollywood.
Her passion for Peace and the expansion of her own Spiritual growth has evolved into Legion of Light Global Ministries, designing and co-creating Sacred Cities of Light on Mother Gaia.  The reward for Saralise comes when she sees the internal shift that takes place within individuals and the collective, and can really see the difference she has made in their lives and energetically in the world. Above all, Saralise’s main focus has always been to be of service utilizing her unique talents, helping people grow and expand their consciousness.

A Note from Saralise ~

I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity. I have often been referred to as a Catalyst & a Spiritual Broadcast Station, spreading love and joy wherever I go. I am not afraid to go deep within Spirit. Let’s work together to Activate & Create the New Earth!!!!
I AM ~
Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light
Doctor of Vibrational Medicine
Crystal Healing Practitioner
Evolutionary Pioneer & Global Visionary Leader
Ascension Retreat Facilitator &
Divine Channel for Lady Nada Lineage of the Divine Sacred Feminine

Contact Information for Saralise ~

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael, DVM
Creator of The Sacred Village Project
Founder of the Legion of Light Global Ministries
404 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Ste. 9
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Shelley Sage Heart

I read the contours of the Earth, and discover maps to our Soul, these maps when Followed ~ are always leading us HOME!
Artist, Visionary, Planetary Priestess ushering in “a sweet and flowering earth”, Shelley’s greatest desire is to serve Gaia and all life as sacred.
A passionate voice of love for Mother Earth, Shelley’s work is focused on sharing Art, Ritual and the Creative process as a vehicle for Healing, Evolution and Celebration.
“I LOVE holding sacred space for each of us to awaken with in our own unique emerging “Sacred New Earth Vision”! Rediscovering again and again our innate connection with the Earth Mother and the Divine Feminine Wisdom within.”

Contact Information for Shelley ~
Shelley Sage Heart
Sunlight Circle Productions
skype: shelleysageheart

What to Bring for this Weekend~

This is a collective sustainable experience that requires our conscious awareness around sustainability and personal sovereignty within this communal sanctuary and land, so we ask for awareness around not leaving an imprint on the space that we are inhabiting.  We exercise a “Leave No Trace” Policy with our Retreats.  We would like to leave the space better than we found it.  We will be camping on the Luminaria Sanctuary Grounds, so holding the deepest respect for the space & land is clearly evident.
Please Note that food will be contributed by YOU, the participants & shared for this event, this is a communal experience, potluck style, so we will be contributing together to create community meals.
~Firewood to Contribute (purchase local near Luminaria if possible)
~Personal Tent & Rainguard (2 person if you have it) or Personal Sleeping Space

~NOTE:  We will possibly be sharing our personal tents for space accommodations
~Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad (if you have it), Air Mattress, etc.
~Pillow(s) & Stuffed Animals ;)
~Yoga Mat, Blanket & Sheepskin (if you have it)
~Journal(s) & Writing Implement(s)
~Personal Toiletries (including sunscreen if needed)
~Personal Dishes & Utensils
~Water Bottle
~Bathing Suit & Towel for Bonneville Hot Springs (for personal comfort level)
~Hiking Shoes
~Sacred Clothing & Garb for Ceremonies (we request White clothing specifically for Ascension Ceremony)
~Personal Ceremonial Effects and Altar Pieces such as Crystals, Drums, Rattles, etc to offer to the Sacred Circle & Altars during the retreat.
Potluck Style Community Food Offerings~
The Luminaria Sanctuary Facilities offer a yummy large kitchen with the capacity to prepare tons of raw and vegetarian food  & yummy treats.  If you would like to bring prepared cooked food to share, we offer that you prepare it at home and bring it with you.
We ask that if you have special dietary requirements, that you bring your own personal food needs and take care of this aspect for yourself. This is a Vegetarian event.
Foods to Contribute & Share ~
We request that ingredients be organic or from your personal or community garden if possible!

~Quinoa & Grains
~High-Vibe &/or Gluten Free Sprouted Breads
~Fresh Greens, Sprouts, Veggies & Fresh Fruits
~Elixirs, Tea, Raw Chocolate & Superfoods
~Raw Desserts & Goodies etc.

Registration Options~

Please Register by clicking on the buttons below ~

NOTE:  Please add your name & phone number in the comment box on Paypal

After registering You will be redirected to a page on Luminaria Sanctuary’s website with driving directions to the event.

$275 Early Bird Discount, thru midnight, 11/7
Full Participation ~ Camping (regular price $333)

$375 Early Bird Discount, thru midnight, 11/7Full Participation ~ Inside Shared Accommodations ~
only 6 spots available (regular price $444)

Additional investment ~ strongly recommended for Retreat Integration

$25-$35 per person ~ Bonneville Hot Springs (on Sunday)

We are sooooo looking forward to coalescing our essences together in this magnificent collective!!!

Many Blessings Beloveds~

In Deep Gratitude of Oneness,

Saralise Azrael & Shelley Sage Heart

& Amber Jade of Luminaria Sanctuary

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